We started Nice Rice to create a positive change for the planet, one pack of rice at a time.

Here's what we're doing, and how you can help.

Incentivising best practice farming

We pay a premium price to our farmers for achieving the highest standards of sustainability.

This incentivises farmers to commit to sustainable farming methods for the long-term.

Supporting farming communities

We're investing 2% of our revenues into projects that will deepen the environmental and social benefit of sustainable rice farming across whole farming communities.

We hope this will encourage others communities to take up sustainable farming practices.

B Corp

We've built our business on the B Corp principles from day 1. As a brand new startup we can only be a Pending B Corp.

But that still means we are legally required to include People - our workers, customers, clients, and the communities in which we operate - and Planet as stakeholders in our business.

We're just starting out.

As we grow we'll look for more ways that we can use our business to help drive positive change.