Here's what we're doing and how you can help.

Making sustainable farming more attractive for farmers

We pay a premium price to our farmers if they achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

This incentivises farmers to commit to sustainable farming methods for the long-term.

In 2022 this premium improved our farmers' income by about 5%.

Supporting the wider farming communities

We're investing 2% of our revenues into projects that will deepen the environmental and social benefit of sustainable rice farming across whole farming communities.

This will improve awareness of - and support for - sustainable farming among the wider farming community.

B Corp

We've built our business on the B Corp principles from day 1. As a brand new startup we can only be a Pending B Corp.

But that still means we are legally required to include People - our workers, customers, clients, and the communities in which we operate - and Planet as stakeholders in our business.

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