Our company

Nice Rice is our brand name and a registered trade mark. The legal name of our company is Mission Brands Ltd ("MBL"). MBL is registered in England and Wales as company number 13260506.

We have two Directors: Fergus O'Sullivan (our founder) and Amelia Harvey. Amelia is a non-executive director which means she advises the business rather than getting involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

MBL is an independent and privately owned company. Our shareholders include 'angel' investors and a venture capital company. Other than Fergus O'Sullivan, no individual investor holds more than 10% of the voting shares in the company.

Our purpose

Nice Rice exists to create demand for a better rice industry - because when enough people demand 'better' that's what drives progress.

So what does a better rice industry look like? It starts with sustainable farming practices that cut methane emissions, preserve water resources and can boost farmers' livelihoods. But it's also about a better way of doing business - making sure farmers are treated fairly and behaving responsibly throughout the supply chain.